Do pink Himalayan salt lamps really work?

Do pink salt lamps work

Do pink salt lamps work?. Do pink salt lamps work?: All the proponents of salt lamps point towards two distinct mechanisms due to which the Himalayan salt works its magic. These two mechanisms are air ionization and hygroscopy (dehydration) Hygroscopy proposes that the salt tends to have greater affinity for moisture in the air. In simple terms, it means that the salt attracts the moisture in the air and thus it also attracts the dust, … Read More

5 Health benefits of our Himalayan Pink salt lamps


HEALTH BENEFITS OF OUR SALT LAMPS1.    Balance Electromagnetic Radiation Most of the everyday use appliances such as Television, Mobile Phone, Microwave and Wi-Fi routers release positive ions into the environment on a consistent basis. This can lead to electromagnetic imbalance overtime. To correct this balance, salt lamps can be very useful as they release the negative ions and these negative ions pair up with the already present positive ions and thus creating an electromagnetic balance. … Read More

Pink Himalayan Salt lamps buying guide


Pink Salt lamp buying guide. Once you start your salt lamp buying journey, you will come to realize that there are so many shapes and sizes of salt lamps that one can get easily confused. Most people don’t realize that many of the online as well as offline shops are passing off the fake lamps as authentic salt lamps. Pink Salt lamp buying guide. This is the reason we have crafted this special guide that … Read More

5 tips, Salt lamp care and maintenance

Salt lamp care and maintenance

SALT LAMP CARE AND MAINTENANCE. SALT LAMP CARE AND MAINTENANCE:Just like all the other good things in your life, your salt lamp also requires some care and maintenance from time to time. Taking care of your lamp means it will serve you for a much longer time and also its efficiency won’t be diminished. We have compiled a list of all the necessary care and maintenance steps that you should follow to make sure that … Read More