Why Himalayan Salt Has Pink Tints

Why Himalayan Salt Has Pink Tints? Himalayan Pink Salt is pink because of trace amounts of iron oxide in it.
It is mined in Himalayan foothills, Pakistan, and also contains small amount of calcium, potassium, and magnesium. It is slightly slashed in sodium than table salt.
Its delicate rose pink color makes Himalayan rock salt attractive and makes it alluring. Those sparkling tiny crystals are very captivating, pink hue just serves to enhance their inherent attractiveness. Himalayan Pink Salt impel wondering for its stunning pink hue. This pink hue cause the taste of this salt varies from that of standard table salt.
Himalayan Pink Salt mines known as “White Gold”. Pink tints are useful for beauty products. It may use in facial cleansing spas. These tints use for therapy.
It is claimed that Himalayan Pink salt is less artificial, and generally contains no additives. Generally, it is refined heavily and is combined with anti-caking agents to avoid clumping – like magnesium carbonate or magnesium carbonate.
It is believed that just a pinch of Himalayan Pink salt in drinks and meals can help prevent dehydration and attain perfect balance of fluid levels.

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