5 Health benefits of our Himalayan Pink salt lamps

1.    Balance Electromagnetic Radiation

Most of the everyday use appliances such as Television, Mobile Phone, Microwave and Wi-Fi routers release positive ions into the environment on a consistent basis. This can lead to electromagnetic imbalance overtime. To correct this balance, salt lamps can be very useful as they release the negative ions and these negative ions pair up with the already present positive ions and thus creating an electromagnetic balance.

2.    Better Breathing

You have small hairs in your breathing pathway known as Cilia. These act like small filters that keep the dust and other toxic elements from getting into your lungs. Himalayan salt lamps are believed to help make breathing better by making the lungs expand better. Himalayan salt lamps are most beneficial for people who already suffer respiratory illnesses.

3.    Filtering and Purifying Air

Using an operation known as hygroscopic, Himalayan Salt lamps attract and absorb harmful contaminants in the air and make the air purer and more breathable. This process is hugely beneficial as it removes dust, cigarette smoke and other contaminants very easily. 

4.    Beneficial For Colds

If you are a person who is highly susceptible to coughs and colds, investing in a salt lamp might not be a bad idea because it provides relief against colds and cures chronic coughs.

5.    Enhances Blood Flow

Several studies have demonstrated that negative ions, such as those released by a Himalayan Pink Salt lamp can help improve the blood flow. People who have vascular disorders can benefit from this property of Himalayan salt.

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