Do pink Himalayan salt lamps really work?

Do pink salt lamps work?.

Do pink salt lamps work?:

All the proponents of salt lamps point towards two distinct mechanisms due to which the Himalayan salt works its magic. These two mechanisms are air ionization and hygroscopy (dehydration)

Hygroscopy proposes that the salt tends to have greater affinity for moisture in the air. In simple terms, it means that the salt attracts the moisture in the air and thus it also attracts the dust, toxins and bacteria present in that moisture. So using Hygroscopy, the air gets cleaned. And the magic doesn’t just end here, using Hygroscopy all the toxins and pollutants are caught to the surface of the lamp while the moisture evaporates and clean moisture is added to the air in your living space.

“The other mechanism is known as air ionization and the benefits offered by this process are also very impressive.”

Do pink salt lamps work

Do pink salt lamps work?

To be precise, the salt in the lamp acts as a natural air ionizer which means that it releases negative ions into the environment. Even though we can’t feel them, ions are present everywhere. They are either positive or negative and to have a neutral living environment, the positive ions released by all sorts of electronic gadgets should be countered by something and Himalayan pink salt claims to do just that.

Though medical research is still catching up and so many things about salt lamps need to be proven by science, their rising popularity suggests that they are being beneficial to users. As things stand, Himalayan Pink Salt and the subsequent lamps made of this salt are beneficial for you and your family and there is no reason not to try them.Please ask us to call you back to discuss your requirement   

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