What Types and Himalayan Salt Lamp Sizes are Available?

What Types and Himalayan Salt Lamp Sizes are Available?

Himalayan Pink Salt Sizes. There is no doubt that Himalayan salt lamps are beneficial and you need to place a salt lamp in every room of your house to enjoy maximum benefits. You can choose from different types and sizes as per your requirements.

In this article, we explore the various types of sizes of Himalayan salt lamps. Let’s find out.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Sizes Guide

There are various sizes of Himalayan salt lamps such as micro lamps, medium-sized lamps, large lamps, or even custom-made lamps. As a general rule, the size of a Himalayan salt lamp in a room depends on the time you spend in that room.

Also, the protection area of these lamps is directly proportional to the surface area of the lamp. For instance, you can either keep a 60 lbs. lamp in your living room, or place 6 lamps of 10 lbs. each.  

Also, a smaller room such as a bedroom needs a small-sized lamp whereas a larger room such as the living room needs a large-sized lamp.

Here, we have developed a size chart for reference. Note that this chart demonstrates approximate measures.

NameWeight (lbs.)Dimension (L*W*H)Protection Area (sq. ft.)

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Himalayan Salt Lamp Types

There are different types of Himalayan salt lamps. Choosing the type of Himalayan salt lamp is based on where you want to keep it in your house.

Here is a complete guide on the various types of Himalayan salt lamps, the benefits they provide, and the best places to keep them.

·        White Himalayan salt lamps

White salt lamps are rare and expensive as compared to other salt lamp types. They provide a bright white light that is energizing and uplifting for all your senses. Thus, they are perfect for your workspace or even your living room.

·        Pink Himalayan salt lamps

Pink salt lamps provide a bright glow in a smaller space. They represent positivity, peace, motivation, and kindness. Thus, they are perfect for your workspace, living room, or dining room.

·        Orange Himalayan salt lamps

Orange salt lamps provide an amber hue that soothes and calms your mind and body. They relax your nervous system and help you enjoy a full night’s sleep. Thus, they are perfect for your bedroom.

·        Gray Himalayan salt lamps

Gray salt lamps provide a darker glow; thus, they can be used as nightlights for your kid’s bedroom. As they are darker, they get warmer, which increases their hygroscopic properties. Another reason why you should place them in your bedroom.

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