Is Himalayan Salt Healthy?


Is Himalayan Salt Healthy? Himalayan salt is mined from the Himalayas in South Asia. Himalayan salt is thought to be healthier than common table salt. Let’s see how. Consumption of ordinary table salt leads to high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and stroke, which is why Himalayan salt has emerged as a popular alternative to sodium chloride. Proponents of Himalayan salt believe that Himalayan salt offers many health benefits. Don’t know how? Let’s explore the nutritional … Read More

How Many Minerals Are in Himalayan Salt?


How Many Minerals Are in Himalayan Salt?Himalayan salt is a type of pink salt mined near the Himalayan mountains. Himalayan salt enthusiasts claim that it is packed with essential minerals that provide numerous health benefits. This is why pure Himalayan salt is believed to be healthier than common table salt. Looking for authentic Himalayan salt? Saltysh is the number one provider of Himalayan salt and salty furniture worldwide. Purchase yours now! This article explores the … Read More

IS Pink Himalayan Salt beneficial for health?

Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt On this page we are going to show you a few benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt Pink Himalayan Salt is also known as “white Gold” due to its crystal like tints obtained from the part of Punjab, Pakistan, close to the Himalayan foothills. Pink Himalayan Salt is swarming with many essential organic compounds, underlaying 85, over and above various trace elements like iron, copper, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Teeth and … Read More

5 Health benefits of our Himalayan Pink salt lamps


HEALTH BENEFITS OF OUR SALT LAMPS1.    Balance Electromagnetic Radiation Most of the everyday use appliances such as Television, Mobile Phone, Microwave and Wi-Fi routers release positive ions into the environment on a consistent basis. This can lead to electromagnetic imbalance overtime. To correct this balance, salt lamps can be very useful as they release the negative ions and these negative ions pair up with the already present positive ions and thus creating an electromagnetic balance. … Read More